Shopping Online During Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here. Are you ready?

Shopping online during Black Friday might seem less intense. Shopping behind your computer allows you to avoid the rushing crowds of people and the crushing fear that you might just miss that one item in that one store that was on sale.

To help you make the most out of your Black Friday Online shopping experience, follow these few tips below:

1. Create your online shopping profiles ahead of the big day.

Takealot, Shopify, Superbalist, and Amazon are just some of the biggest online stores that will be hosting massive deals during Black Friday. Because quantities available per product are small, it's easier to add that gorgeous dress with a 50% Off discount to your shopping cart, if you have a profile.

2. Browse before the sale.

Going through potential online stores to see what they have to offer might help you understand what you can expect from them and what item's they have to offer. Add all the items that you would potentially be interested to buy to your cart and wait for Black Friday to come. The morning of Black Friday, scroll through all the items in your cart and see which one's have a price reduction. This way you can be assured that you "booked" yourself a unit on discount before all units are sold.

3. Start shopping early.

We all know the saying, "the early bird catches the worm".

The earlier you start your shopping, the better your chances of finding the items you want on sale and in stock.

4. Shop on websites you trust

Sites that aren’t all that well put together or feature dubious design elements may pose multiple problems.  For one thing, if a site isn’t professionally designed, that might mean that the owner of the site isn’t a professional either (except maybe a professional scammer).

Vendors which have encrypted checkout processes usually have a stamp somewhere on their site verifying their encryption technology.  Many sellers will give you the option to use PayPal, Skrill, Google Checkout, or another third-party payment processor.  Purchases you make with these methods are generally eligible for buyer protection.  Note that your credit card provider also probably provides you with buyer protection on purchases you make using your card.  Another tip for shopping securely is to look for “https” in the address bar, instead of “http.”

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